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Automobile Association of Bangladesh (AAB)

The Automobile Association of Bangladesh (AAB) stands as the exclusive member club in Bangladesh of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), known in English as the International Automobile Federation. As the only Automobile Association of Bangladesh headquartered in Dhaka, AAB provides comprehensive services in mobility and motorsport for its members and the motoring public.

Founded in 1953, AAB has a long-standing commitment to benefiting Bangladeshi car owners. Our mission is to protect their interests by promoting road safety, encouraging the healthy and safe use of motor vehicles, and developing informed perspectives on traffic matters. We actively influence decision-makers and public opinion, organize car racing training and contests, and offer special benefits to our members.

As a proud member of the FIA, the world’s motorsport regulator, AAB is responsible for developing all forms of motorsports in Bangladesh according to international standards set by the FIA. We are authorized to issue competition driving licenses for Bangladeshis interested in participating in local, national, and international motorsports competitions, including Esports events.

AAB continues to be a driving force in the automotive community, dedicated to the advancement and safety of motor car-based mobility in Bangladesh.

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