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The AAB (Automobile Association of Bangladesh)

AAB is the only Automobile Association of Bangladesh headquartered in Dhaka. It is an association founded in 1953 and continues today for the benefit of Bangladeshi car owners aimed at protecting their interests, by promoting road safety, healthy and safe use of motor car based mobility, developing views on traffic matters, influencing decision takers and public opinion, as well as organizing car racing training and contests, and offering special benefits to its members.

AAB is the only member club in Bangladesh  of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), in English, the International Automobile Federation, providing services in Mobility and Motorsport for its members and for the motoring public.

As a member club of the FIA, which is only the world motorsport regulator, AAB is responsible for developing all forms of motorsports in Bangladesh in accordance with international standards set by the FIA and is authorized to issue competition driving licenses for Bangladeshis who are interested in all forms of motorsports competition in local, national and international events including esports competitions.

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